Monday, March 22, 2010

Carolina Con 6

I just wanted to give a plug to the 2600 group in Charlotte, NC.

They (specifically Feloniousfish and Snide) invited my friends and me to Carolina Con 6, which was completely amazing. The range of skill sets was pretty amazing for a group of 170 some-odd people: lock picking, to mobile phone rooting, creative survival skills, and network / software security). All to be used in the most ethical uses possible.

"Gray hats" off to those hosting the roof party, presenters, and organizers for making this a success. I will defiantly be returning next year as well as trying to make it to some other con's as well, maybe we can meet up there. (Hopefully I before then I will create a post beforehand to facilitate meet ups...)

Hands on workshops also included:

  • The lock picking village where I finally was able to finish my summer project lock picking
  • A double pringles can antenna which conveniently snagged my ipod's blue tooth signal "ÆL's ipod"... however my phone didn't make the tracker's list.
Here is a Ctrl +C of the schedule topics covered:

Friday: (Talks from 7pm-10pm):
6:00pm - Setup and registration
7:00pm - Cybercrime and the Law Enforcement Response - Thomas Holt
8:00pm - The Search for the Ultimate Handcuff Key - Deviant Ollam and TOOOL
9:00pm - Microcontrollers 101 - Nick Fury
10:00pm - conference room closed for evening

Saturday: (Talks from 10am-10pm with breaks for lunch and dinner):
10:00am - Hacking with the iPhone - snide
11:00am - We Don't Need No Stinking Badges - Shawn Merdinger
12:00pm - Lunch Break
1:00pm - It's A Feature, Not A Vulnerability - Deral Heiland
2:00pm - Smart People, Stupid Emails - Margaret McDonald
3:00pm - Mitigating Attacks with Existing Network Infrastructure - Omar Santos
4:00pm - OMG, The World Has Come To An End!!! - FeloniousFish
5:00pm - dinner break (conference room closed during)
7:00pm - You Spent All That Money and You Still Got Owned - Joe McCray
8:00pm - Locks: Past, Picking, and Future - squ33k
9:00pm - Hacker Trivia
10:00pm - conference room closed for evening

Sunday: (Talks from 10am-5pm with a break for lunch):
10:00am - The Art of Software Destruction - Joshua Morin and Terron Williams
11:00am - wxs - Why Linux Is Bad For Business
12:00pm - Lunch Break
1:00pm - The Evolution of Social Engineering - Chris Silvers and Dawn Perry
2:00pm - Metasploit - Ryan Linn
3:00pm - How the Droid Was Rooted - Michael Goffin
4:00pm - Protecting Systems through Log Mgmt and System Integrity - David Burt
5:00pm - CarolinaCon-VI/2010 ends - pack it up and pack it out

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

UNCC Korean Wachovia Spam Analysis

The University of North Charlotte at Charlotte has issued the following warning to its students:
Subject: Wachovia Phishing Email Targeting UNC Charlotte Users
On March 1, 2010, a large number of UNC Charlotte email
accounts received messages allegedly from Wachovia with the subject:
“An Important Secure Message.”
I took one of the Emails I captured and I thought I would post it here in order to help shed light on exactly who might behind the scam.

  1. First off, Google correctly picked up this Email as spam... but if this Email hadn't been sent to google via POP3 (setup via the add accounts in google) the user would have been out of luck.

  2. The link to Wachovia has an addition to it's address of "as" in hxxp:// shows that the domain is registered to:

    Victoria Pope (H882534)
    Victoria Pope
    29 Beech St. Apt 5
    Newmarket NH 03857
    US (United States)
    Tel: 603-303-9089

    However the ip ( shows a more believable location of Seoul, South Korea

  3. The date on the bottom of the Wachovia Email is from 2007, most places have their copyrights, patents, trademarks, etc up to date... at least in a few years. So I would assume that this script was from a old version of the Wachovia site or they created it from some older scripting templets.

  4. The Email shows that hackers are getting better at using templets to fake out websites as seen in the picture below. Free proxies had to be used to access the site because UNCC had blacklisted the subdomain of

(First it asks for your bank login)

(Next it asks for social, debit card, expiration date,
CCV# and ATM pin, and Email)
(Chances are they have an account with
Wachovia as this is a generic window shown after first account setup)

(Final step redirects to official Wachovia site)

(Shows Top Level Domain, seems to be a custom google search)

Here is a transcript of the complete Wachovia March 1st Scam Email:

Mon, 1 Mar 2010 16:06:57 -0500
Received: from ([152.15.xx.xx]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.3959);
Mon, 1 Mar 2010 16:06:57 -0500
Received: from User ( [])
by (MOS 3.10.2-GA)
with SMTP id IOY25036;
Mon, 1 Mar 2010 16:02:38 -0500 (EST)
Message-Id: <>
From: "Wachovia Message Center"
Subject: An important Secure Message!
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2010 16:01:53 -0500
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
X-Priority: 1
X-MSMail-Priority: High
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2600.0000
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2600.0000
X-esp: ESP<2>=
TRU_marketing_spam: <0>
TRU_spam2: <0>
TRU_money_spam: <0>
TRU_scam_spam: <0>
TRU_stock_spam: <0>
TRU_adult_spam: <0>
TRU_embedded_image_spam: <0>
TRU_ru_spamsubj: <0>
TRU_medical_spam: <0>
TRU_urllinks: <0>
TRU_misc_spam: <0>
TRU_watch_spam: <0>
TRU_legal_spam: <0>
URL Real-Time Signatures: <0>
TRU_lotto_spam: <0>
TRU_phish_spam: <0>
TRU_playsites: <0>
TRU_spam1: <0>
TRU_html_image_spam: <0>
TRU_profanity_spam: <0>
TRU_freehosting: <0>
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 01 Mar 2010 21:06:57.0435 (UTC) FILETIME=[20B94EB0:01CAB983]
This is a courtesy reminder that your Online Account needs to be verified:
In order to receive uninterrupted services, please verify your information immediately.
To verify your account, please click the link below, log in and follow the provided
Regards, Wachovia.
Please do not "Reply" to this message.
Contact Us
(800) 950-2296, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
(c)2007 Wachovia Corporation, 301 South College Street, Suite 4000, One Wachovia Center, Charlotte, NC 28288-0013. All Rights Reserved.
Wachovia Bank, N.A. Member FDIC.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Android Security lockbypass


At the risk of letting every user into my Sprint HTC Hero Android version 1.5 phone I am going to publish the steps that allow a user to get past the lock screen that is deployed with the phone.

This is not a full fledged hack, but it is more a temporary way to gain
ess to the device, get the information you need and then leave it with no trace.

When you lock the Android you will notice th
at you can't access
the notifications and the only thing that you can do is make emergency calls
or enter a passcode pattern. This tutorial will show you how to enter the phone through those basic notifications just by calling the phone.

Walk though:
First you will need the phone and the ability to text, call and/or Email the person with the android device. You would have to use whatever means needed (endings of Emails, websites, phone books etc) to find out their cell phone number.

The goal is to get a "missed call" or "new text" icon to appear on the top status bar, this will serve as your entry point into the back end of the phone.

Step 1 - Place a Missed call or Text on the Android
With the phone locked, call the phone from another number. Do not answer the call, you want the missed call to show up in the status bar at the top. I would recommend that you use *67 before calling the phone number to conceal the source but once you have access you can easily d
elete the record anyway.

Note: Know that sprint logs all calls to their devices, as do many other carriers. Using a VOIP phone or google voice could work well to preserve the anonymous connection. Alternatively you could send a SMS message, Email, or other notification that you know will show up on the phone.

Step 2 - Place call and access phone
After leaving a missed call on the phone, call the Android again. T
his time answering the call on the Android device, leaving both phones on the hook to keep a open connection going.
Next, while the call is in progress, slide the notifications bar down. This time it will work, unlike when the phone was locked.

Pressing the missed call notification will allow you access to all past phone calls (left).

Step 3 - Begin traversing through phone
From the call history screen (right) you can see that there are buttons to access the list of contacts on the android.By using these buttons I was able to do the following:
  • Viewed most contact's current Facebook activity
  • Send and view recent texts
  • Make new calls and view all call history
  • Open browser and access sites with "remember me" checked, triggered by opening text containing a URL
Limitations to this hack would include the following terms and conditions (Which you may agree to by checking the radio box included below).

Agree Disagree
  • You need access to the phone physically (physical hack)
  • You need to know the person's phone number (social hacking)
  • Hitting home button will cause you to leave the screen and require you to execute steps 1 -3 to get back in.

In order to prevent someone from gaining access to the information on your phone, keep it on you at all times or to use a third party app such as Wavesecure or Mobile Defense (both found in the android market). Wavesecure lets you lock, delete, backup and locate your phone through their website, while Mobile Defense allows you to view multiple device's locations and stats all on one website.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Command the burn of Deep Freeze

A few months ago I was working for on a clients network who had a third party come in and setup their network. Unfortunately, many of the PCs were setup with deep freeze. Now for those of you that don't know, deep freeze is this amazing program that allows administrators to lock the hard drive so that users can install software,
download files, etc and then as soon as you reboot the system is back to defaults.
(image Source:

When you want to change the settings you have to use a keyboard shortcut, Ctl+Alt+Shift+F6 in order to get to a login screen. Then once you type the password, you can "Thaw" the system. Each Thaw/ Freezed session is determined on how the system was told to boot. The screen gives options to Thaw it once and then once you have rebooted, re-Thaw system on reboot -- without logging back into the Deep freeze control panel.

You can figure out if a system is running deep freeze by looking for the following icon in the systray:

(polar bear, symbal of deep freeze)

However, this didn't work so well for me as I was wanting to install the newest version of office and setup the desktop icons with some new shortcuts, because, you guessed it, they had forgotten the password... So I was left with no way to get the computer changed or was I?

It turns out that Windows 2000, XP (and Vista too I am pretty sure,) have this save mode setting called safemode Command Prompt. Which loads the system with only the minimal components and a command prompt, and this is what allowed me to get access to the system and make changes with out Deep Freeze stopping me.

The how to:

  1. First reboot the computer
  2. Press F8 at boot
  3. Select "Safe Mode" with Command Prompt
  4. Wait for the Desktop to load. It will load windows just as in normal, but it will have a cmd window open... some systems may be locked, so you might need to try default usernames such as username=Adminstartor, password="", or whatever admin user you can get access to.
  5. At the black window that shows C:\ type,"explorer"
  6. This will start windows explorer which will allow you to do most system changes that are needed.

The only limitation of this hack is the fact that many programs will not install, however you can change (or delete Deep Freeze) permanently from the following folders and when you return to normal mode you will have complete control:

c:\program files\hypert~1\deepfr~1
(you can easily delete both of these from the command line or explorer)

For more extensive information on deep freeze check out:
(it is old but seems to still have relevancy)

Just remember you could get in a lot of trouble for modify business or school network computer systems... and I won't be there to thaw you out ;-)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hacked: US Power Grid.

So I thought it was something that could only happen on the movies. But it turns out that we don't have as good security as I thought.

When me and my friend watched Live Free Die Hard 2 weekends ago we were both concluded that our Power grid isn't well connected enough to get a nation wide hack. However it looks like a firesail could be possible. According to the NY times Russian and Chinese Hackers have gotten in and placed backdoor software into computers that operate our powergrid. Right now the Government isn't releasing any detailed information and we don't know if this was government run attack or a independent. See full story below:

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

CES 2009 - TV's Lets compete: 3d, slimest, and maybe some Wireless to go.

At the show there seemed to be a competition between LG, Pansonic, and Samsung on who could create the largest exhibit with the most flashing gadgets.

Keypoints of...

Name: Not set yet
Prototype size: 6.5 mm
Launce date: Unknown for thin, but 3d ready  plasma TVs ready by this spring

Name: Prototype name z1
Prototype size: 1/3 "
Launch date: 2010
Wireless will hook up maybe to box which has feeds of hd cable
Panasonic had 5 Movie theators sporting new 3D technology and also a showcase
off how home theators could easily migrate their systems to the new 3D standards. 

Name: Plasma TV 42PQ65C
Launching: This spring
Showed of new Plasma and LCD TVs that save on energy. One of the reps I spoke to 
told me they see consumers wanting to save on energy prices as well as get the same
features that they have seen in the past and expect in the future.

Federal Communications Commission Commissioner Talks on Technology Issues

Here is a video that was taken yesterday at the Panasonic Exhibit with the FCC Commissioner.