Saturday, January 10, 2009

CES 2009 - Jan 9 - Instant on, more 3D and larger exibits

The next official day of the show is a blast. I move over to the Convention center which exhibits the large TV players (Samsung, Panasonic, LG... which will be show in a future post) and Microsoft. Once again the focus was a lot of 3D, as well as some other very creative technologies.
(see below for another slide on pictures from the show)


The first technology that blew me was Fulton. They have been working over the last 12 years and have successfully created a new type of convection system allows for wireless power. The first part consists of a coil with smart electronics that can go under a table or desk. The second part consists of a coil which goes in the devices to be charged. They use magnetic residence to get the energy to transfer which prevents wasted energy.

This is a old technology but what makes it practice is that fact that it has smart electronics to control the amount of energy being transferred. This prevents the problems of short outs that previously prevented this from being used. Now in theory it could go over 3 feet and could be put into an entire table top so you can imagine were they may take this technology.

The next technology that I found very interesting was phoenix technologies new instant on Laptop. They have used a custom version of Linux paired with a technology know as VT which they happened to be embeded in most PCs less than 2 years old. I have to say the guys at the exhibit were very open and easy to talk to... providing a lot of insight into their technologies. They also invited me to their private party at V bar in the Venetian were I talked to 2 of the engineers behind the technology. He said they had been working it for about 3 years and with the expansion of distributions such as Ubuntu as well as Yahoo, Mccafee and other companies developing tools for Linux it has allowed them to put this together so that really you can get online instantly while you wait for Vista or your other OS to come in in the background.

End Notes

Later today or tomorrow I will be posting on TVs and the exhibits I see today. As well as more details on other exhibits.

Edit: Fixed some problems with the slide show not playing.