Thursday, July 26, 2007

PDF Yesterday... Ecards today

I have found that this weeks Email spam Scam is E-cards...
the following "loving" ECards from my "friends" can be seen below:

It appears that this round of Spam is very Dangerous as can be seen in detail from a report by
SANS Internet Storm Center; Cooperative Network Security Community - Internet Security - isc

They said that it has been labeled "Storm worm"
and houses a collection of
-botnet malware
(allows virus master to control 100 or 1000s of machines at a time)
-a rootkit
(hides programs from antivirus and spyware detection software so no detection is even possible)
-NEW: Virtual Machine Detection
(harder to use a sandbox windows environment to test and understand the virus)
-Worming virus like activity
(allows program to hop from machine to machine uninvited)
-hiding behind a P2P style network
(uses its own network to spread)

This mix allows it to deal a perfected blow to any PC it is allowed to infect. What has changed the game for this virus/malware is the fact that when researches put it inside their Virtual Machines (the place they test the virus safely) nothing happened. The Virus didn't deploy and only rebooted the Virtual Machine.

Now I haven't personally tried these attachments, like I did with the PDF ones (see earlier post)
But I did notice that there are more attachments with these Emails and there volume is increased and not every Email has a attachment, it may have a link to a file to download.

Thats it for now... check back again to stay informed on more everyday security problems and to follow my security series.