Sunday, May 20, 2007

LimeWire - P2P File Sharing (translation needed)

Limewire, the largest P2P file sharing application, has offered a $350 insentive and a free copy of Limewire Pro to any one who can translate their program into Korean.

Since the majoraty of Limewire's "sharing" is not always legal it is a wonder they haven't done this sooner. Korea happends to be one of the largest pirate Nations in the world ranking 11th according to a study done by the Business Software Alliance (page 6, table 2)

In order to translate the program Limewire wants a simple, but complete translation and they don't want you just blindly trying to do it with an online translator. Technical knowledge is not needed since all you have to do is modify a message bundle text file.

#### SEARCH_DOWNLOAD_BUTTON_LABEL=Download (this was the english line)
SEARCH_DOWNLOAD_BUTTON_LABEL=Charger (this is the french line edit)

Currenty Limewire is working to support over 70 differnet Languages, many of these projects are listed as less than 1% complete. (Only Korean is the one they show having a bountie.)

So if you think you might want to pick up some money to pay for that Korean class you took and aren't using (not to mention an upgrade on your, um, "legal" music downloads bandwidth) check out:

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